Friday, October 29, 2010


You would know how excited I am for Halloween weekend if you could see me walking the halls of Burton High School in my red and black striped tights, a jeweled spider on my head, and I sparkle in the sunlight!

Brazos is going to be ADORABLE for his first Halloween! I didn't want him to be dressed in some costume from Wal-Mart that every other infant is wearing, so I decided to make his costume myself. While my mom and I ventured to San Antonio with Brazos, we collected two hats for the little guy. He has a black cowboy hat and a coon-skin cap. At first I thought I would dress him as a rodeo clown with the cowboy hat. We had all the clothing for this - blue jeans, longsleeve shirt, material to make suspenders, socks, and shoes. But after his daddy saw him in the coon-skin cap, he insisted that Brazos be David Crockett. So I went to the store to buy some faux-leather material to make a costume. I didn't have confidence in my sewing abilities to make pants the correct way with four pieces of fabric, so I just traced Brazos' pants, cut two identical pieces and sewed them together. I must say that Brazos will be the hippest little guy around in his tight leather pants! For the jacket I had more confidence, but boy-oh-boy are sleeves hard to sew on! Fringe was added to the top and bottom of the jacket to give it the finishing touch. When he tried it on, the sleeves were too long but that could be easily fixed. With the coon-skin cap the outfit is complete! (Well, we did have to buy some brown shoes, but Brazos needed new shoes anyways, because he outgrew his first pair.)

Washington County has so many great events for the kids this holiday! Christ Lutheran Church has the Great Pumpkin Patch. The Brenham Heritage Museum hosted the Boo!Seum on Wednesday night. Burton Elementary is having thier annual Halloween Carnival. The local churches are working together to put on the Fall Festival at the fairgrounds. Harmonie Hall in Shelby is having a Costume dance. Of course we didn't make it to all the events, but they are definitely on the calendar for as Brazos grows to enjoy these activities.

Let the festivities begin!

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